Certification Acceptance

I received the information I had been eagerly awaiting for 4 weeks…

The hard work, the OMP (Organic Management Plan), the intensive soil test, inspection and record keeping practices that have been pursued over the years had been accepted by the board and I had completed the first official step to full certification. The real work now begins.

There where a few “Minor Non-Compliance’s” and no “Major Non-Compliance’s”.

I am trying to source certified green manuring seeds: – Millet, Dunn Peas and Oats (If anyone knows of a supplier of these… please, please let me know!)

There was a few chemicals/fertilisers in the shed from previous owner of property (Insecticides, Superphosphate, and some Glyphosate) I have since removed them.

The Certificate of Analysis for pesticides in the soil shows Nil for all tested chemicals, basically the soil is in excellent condition, with no pesticides or chemicals present. The hard work in this area is paying off.

The next 12 months will see a consolidation, a better record keeping practise and a refining of what I know about the healthy soil/healthy farm principle.