2010 Harvest

Most of the harvest is done for 2010. Much better than expected. I have had a 10 fold increase in quantity over last years harvest.

Just sorting out delivery of fruit to those i promised.

Photos to follow.


Finger Limes in the News 12-Jan-2010

Finger lime: the caviar of citrus
Am I the only one that’s slightly disturbed by the phrase, “finger lime? … RT @LAArboretum

Australian finger lime, “the caviar of citrus” LATimes
Have you ever cooked or prepared drinks with a finger lime … ProChef SmartBrief .

Forum: Finger Lime Repotting
I purchased a finger lime from the Nursery whilst travelling last year, it travelled well in the loo of our caravan and I have kept it in its pot since

Finger Limes Working Their Way to Your Table (Gradually)
The finger lime, quite different from other citrus fruit, looks a bit like a pickle, … Creative mixologists are already mixing up finger lime cocktails. …

Harvest Approaching

After a hot and very dry start to summer, we have had two weeks of good rain. The trees are full and loaded with fruit, as well as showing good signs of growth. The harvest will start mid February.

The new plantings of near Seedless, green flesh variety are looking very healthy. They where planted late spring, and where already 18months old, so a bit more mature than previous plantings, which is really showing the advantages of doing so, I am confident they will have harvestable quantities next year.

Finger Limes in the News 24-Nov-2009

Oh, I forgot to mention the Finger Lime…
… These tough and very spiky plants are native to shaley hillsides as an understory to larger trees, not necessarily gum trees though. I believe around Kenilworth for starters – seems a funny place for citrus, but there you are. They occur in many other places too but they are not rainforest plants (like for instance Coffee). So they welcome some shelter from the blazing sun and seriously good drainage…

Finger Lime Pickle
A recipe for lime pickle, using native Finger Limes.

Finger Limes in the News 10-Nov-2009

Unusual fruit: just because you haven’t heard of it doesn’t mean it isn’t out there
“Definitely on the more-unusual-than-the-feijoa list, finger limes are considered gourmet bush fruit out of Australia. Although new to us, Aborigines have consumed these limes for almost as long as there have been Aborigines. Unlike our own limes, they are long and narrow, rather than round. Although the taste is similar to regular limes, the amazing caviar-like insides colored in pink or green make for a refreshing and gorgeous food garnish. The same Israeli friend has planted two finger lime trees on his property. A landscape arcitect, he knows that California’s climate is supportive of its growth.”

What’s a boring wine list?
“Part of the fun of eating out is not only being seduced by familiar flavors, but finding something that feels new; that wisp of peppercorn flower strewn over venison, or the finger lime squirted on yellowtail crudo.”

Finger Limes in the News 12-Oct-2009

Finger Lime Gold Coast Food Bank
The native Aboriginal people of this country came to understand and benefit from the finger lime many thousands of years ago. The European settlers have been blamed for clearing much of the land this fruit was endemic to …

eco blog accidental greenie ~ eco friendly journey: Native lemon
Lemon Myrtle baked Cheesecake drizzled with Finger Lime Marmalade. Did it do the job you ask? Oh yes… Oz Tukka Lemon Myrtle Spice and Kurrajong Finger Lime Marmalade Briony Lemon Myrtle baked Cheesecake drizzled with Finger Lime …