Photos of the very first Finger Limes (harvested 2008-Mar-21):

Finger lime (unopened)Finger lime (opened)Finger Lime and OysterFinger lime and green leaf salad

Big Red Finger Lime

Big Red Finger Lime

Photos: Lisa


11 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. Hi
    We are just down the road from you in the Hunter Valley – just out of Wollombi. We are about to stick in fruit trees and wonder where did you get those large green framed up tree guards? Could you please let me know? We have lots of exuberant wallabies and wombats plus some bunnies and roving insects. Is it the same for you?


  2. Hi Andrea,

    I used these guys who custom make all sorts of shadecloth structures.

    The size i used was :-

    Width – Circumference = 3.13m
    Height – 1.8m

    And with that i used these recycled hardwood stake suppliers in the 25x25x2100mm . I would avoid the LARGE hardware store chains “Hardwood” stakes, i trialed a few and they where far inferior quality.

    All up it works out at about $17 per tree to protect them, which is a sound investment and protection from Kangaroos/Rabbits mainly. I have saved many trees from big male Roo’s who like to scent everything around.

    • Thanks v. much Warwick. We have planted thousands of eucs and recently hit a foul load of hardwood stakes. Very frustrating – a gentle shove by a flint eyed Wallaroo is enough to break them in half. And then those muscular jaws get going. Sigh.

      Having trucked around the vpstructures site I’m having a bit of trouble finding your guards. Can you give me another hint please?



      • Hi Andrea,

        For the “socks” from VPStructures, i just emailed one of the sales guys with the dimensions, and they custom made them for me. They where very helpful once I got in touch and explained what i wanted.

  3. Hi there! We are working for a Swiss importeur and vendor of finger limes and would like to explain the fruit to our customers – with a picture. But it seems next to impossible to find stock photos of finger limes… even on australian stock photo sites. Is that possible or can you give me a tip where to look?

    Thanks so much in advance and best regards


    • Hi there. We’re happy for you to use any of the pictures in our gallery (this page), but please just attribute them back to If you want something more specific, just drop us a line and we can organise that for you. Warwick’s wife Lisa is a good photographer and would be happy to get some more pictures for you.


  4. Good day, I need a photo of finger limes for an article, but they are not available locally (South Africa).
    Can I use one of the photos from your gallery? I will credit your blog.
    I need an urgent response!

    hoping to hear from you…
    Kind regards
    Liezel de Villiers

  5. I am a hobby gardener in Austria.
    I liked to have australian citrus in pots, but I cannot import plants.
    So I need to grow them from seeds.
    Can you help me or tell me where I can get these ?

    Regards from Europe.

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