Harvest Time

It’s almost harvest time and the trees in the paddock #1 are looking great!


Harvest Approaching

After a hot and very dry start to summer, we have had two weeks of good rain. The trees are full and loaded with fruit, as well as showing good signs of growth. The harvest will start mid February.

The new plantings of near Seedless, green flesh variety are looking very healthy. They where planted late spring, and where already 18months old, so a bit more mature than previous plantings, which is really showing the advantages of doing so, I am confident they will have harvestable quantities next year.

Finger Limes in the News 12-Oct-2009

Finger Lime Gold Coast Food Bank
The native Aboriginal people of this country came to understand and benefit from the finger lime many thousands of years ago. The European settlers have been blamed for clearing much of the land this fruit was endemic to …

eco blog accidental greenie ~ eco friendly journey: Native lemon
Lemon Myrtle baked Cheesecake drizzled with Finger Lime Marmalade. Did it do the job you ask? Oh yes… Oz Tukka Lemon Myrtle Spice and Kurrajong Finger Lime Marmalade Briony Lemon Myrtle baked Cheesecake drizzled with Finger Lime …

Spring Burst

Spring came a little early to the Hunter this year, with warmer than normal temps in late August, and plenty of sunshine hours in early September, we have plenty of new growth and many flowers. I timed the application of Terra Firma correct this year and this has helped with the good growth patterns. Most plants have masses of new growth.

The clover had grown very healthy this winter, with some heaths being over 40cm tall, this attracted many, many bees, both native (pic attached) and European. When the plants where in full flower, i slashed the clover and most of the bees moved up to the flowers on the plants, perfect timing for a successful mass pollination. I know what i will do next year!

There was also quite a few frogs around helping keep control of the ants and pests, without the need for any chemicals.

Eleven Restaurant in Sydney serving Finger Limes

The Sydney Morning Herald is today reporting that Eleven Restaurant and Cellar in Lime Street, Sydney is serving Australian Finger Limes.

From the article:

… The first half of the menu focuses on seafood, beginning with an elegant hiramasa kingfish carpaccio. The long slivers of raw fish dressed with Tuscan extra virgin olive oil are decorated with toasted nori salt, coriander and baby red garnet leaves, plus pearls of finger lime that pop in the mouth, releasing an acidic bite…

Sounds great!