Welcome to Tiliaris Fingerlimes. This is a blog about growing Finger Limes in the Hunter Valley wine making region of New South Wales, Australia. Finger Limes (citrus australasica) are a native citrus, found in sub tropical regions of the Eastern states of Australia.

There’s a very strong possibility that you will not have heard about Finger Limes. That’s because they are not very widely known, at least to the general public. Finger Limes are an amazing fruit package that resemble caviar in shape and size, but with a burst of zesty, tangy lime flavour. Finger Limes make a great addition to seafood, work brilliantly as garnish, and also work well as jams and chutneys. The skin even works as a spice when dried and ground up. Finger Limes are one of a variety of Australian Bush Foods (such as riberries, and muntries) gaining popularity in restaurants in Australia and overseas.

The best way to experience a Finger Lime is to taste it, but in lieu of that, here’s a picture of one of the first Finger Limes produced on our farm in Rothbury in the Hunter Valley:

Finger Lime with Oyster (photo: Lisa)

Finger Lime and Oyster

As we continue to expand our orchard and our understanding of all things Finger Lime and bush food related, we’ll post the progress here. If you are interested in Finger Limes or bush foods in general, please drop us a note. We’d love to hear from you.



8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi,
    Enjoyed reading your site!
    I’m interested in growing a fingerlime, but really only have room to do so in a large pot. Do you have any idea whether this can work? I live in Perth, so warm dry summers and mild wet winters.



    • Hi Olly,

      Finger Limes grow great in pots. Just keep them moist in summer, once a week deep water, a little more if it is extra hot. Keep in a sunny position, fertilise with seaweed fertiliser as per directions and some organic citrus fertiliser. Not too much water over winter.

      I did a few years of testing in pots before planting the orchard to work out watering requirements, fertiliser applications and pest control.

  2. Your site is really informative! I too am in Perth but have abit more space and was hoping to plant some finger limes in my orchard. Reading on your site that they are sensitive to the hot sun (which we have alot of here!) how would you suggest I grow them – under shade cloth, under existing trees..? Any help really appreciated!
    Thank you!

    • Hi Kate,

      The trees on our farm were encased with a triangle of shadecloth to help protect against hot westerly winds (prevailing hot winds in Hunter Valley) and animals (Kangaroos, Hares, Rabbits). After two years they where removed.

      The fruit that is on the western side (setting sun side in summer) can be affected by sunburn, it only affects about 10-15% of fruit, so I thin them on that side and encourage on the opposite side.

      Like all citrus, they need plenty of sun to grow, ripen fruit and health. Full shade is not a good idea. I have had no other issues growing them in full sun. We often get at least 15-20 days over 35 degrees in summer and have also get a few days each year in the 40’s (although this year we have had a VERY mild summer). They will need deep watering prior and during hot spells, and this is when damage to fruit can occur.

  3. Hi !

    I am a citrus enthusiast in europe and looking for seeds of australian citrus.

    Can you help me please ?

    Best Regards !

  4. Hi,
    Just wondering if you guys are still around?

    Just wanting to know about sizes of pots for planting finger limes in.


  5. Hi,

    My finger lime tree (in Galston) is laden with fruit at the moment, I can make ‘Lemon Butter with Finger Limes’, and ‘Lime and Finger Lime Marmalade’, but would like to try a Pickle. Do you have a good recipe? The Finger Limes will need to be picked in the next few days.


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