Harvest Time

It’s almost harvest time and the trees in the paddock #1 are looking great!


2 thoughts on “Harvest Time

  1. Hello im in Sydney. I would love to get a batch of your finger limes to play with. I have a mobile food business and we do little harvest trips and markets/ festivals. Do you have a sydney distributor? Would you allow visitors to your farm gate?
    Kindest regards Rebecca

  2. Great photos on your blog, thanks for sharing. I’m trying to grow a Judy’s everbearing, rainforest pearl and a few red centre limes in pots in WA.

    Would love to have one in the ground, maybe if I can get them to a decent size I’ll set up the soil ready to grow a beast.

    I really want the variety with green skin and red pearls. I think Daley’s will send me one in November!

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