Finger Limes in the News 24-Nov-2009

Oh, I forgot to mention the Finger Lime…
… These tough and very spiky plants are native to shaley hillsides as an understory to larger trees, not necessarily gum trees though. I believe around Kenilworth for starters – seems a funny place for citrus, but there you are. They occur in many other places too but they are not rainforest plants (like for instance Coffee). So they welcome some shelter from the blazing sun and seriously good drainage…

Finger Lime Pickle
A recipe for lime pickle, using native Finger Limes.


Finger Limes in the News 10-Nov-2009

Unusual fruit: just because you haven’t heard of it doesn’t mean it isn’t out there
“Definitely on the more-unusual-than-the-feijoa list, finger limes are considered gourmet bush fruit out of Australia. Although new to us, Aborigines have consumed these limes for almost as long as there have been Aborigines. Unlike our own limes, they are long and narrow, rather than round. Although the taste is similar to regular limes, the amazing caviar-like insides colored in pink or green make for a refreshing and gorgeous food garnish. The same Israeli friend has planted two finger lime trees on his property. A landscape arcitect, he knows that California’s climate is supportive of its growth.”

What’s a boring wine list?
“Part of the fun of eating out is not only being seduced by familiar flavors, but finding something that feels new; that wisp of peppercorn flower strewn over venison, or the finger lime squirted on yellowtail crudo.”