Soil Test

I am eagerly awaiting the latest soil tests to come back from the DPI, i have tested both paddock 1 and 2. I am hoping the results are positive and all of the hard work has been paying off. I am sure some remineralisation will be needed, but the tests will reveal all.


Winter Green Manuring

After a very successful Summer crop of Millet it was time to incorporate the green cover crop into the soil.  A slashing and a lay off period of a few weeks to let it settle and start to decompose before the winter crop was sowed.
I sowed a mixture of Oats and Dunn Peas into the very lightly harrowed ground, after three weeks and plenty of rain it is showing very good early signs. I plan to let it grow for 10 weeks, before the construction of a new orchard takes shape. I will have the soil tested before the planting in mid August. If the soil needs any mineralisation, I can do it prior to orchard construction.
I am hoping for a Ph around 6-6.5 and good carbon content with CEC above 15.

Finger Limes in the News 2-June-2009

Eclectic Epiphytes and Electrophoretic Epigrams: Wine me, dine me …
By The Electric Orchid Hunter
“However, when the skin of the finger lime is ruptured, all these sap-filled vesicles come bursting forth, an aromatic explosion of lime-tastic goodness. Am I crazy, or does that sound like a near-perfect description of culinary orgasm? …”

Permaculture Gardening in Fremantle and Perth Finger lime time
I was very excited this morning to finally get my hands on some finger lime fruit It’s very tasty the little vesicles of juice are crunchy and pop in your …”