Mulch Day!

Warwick and I, with help from a few close friends and family, put mulch around 120 finger lime trees on Friday and Saturday.Here’s the results:

Mulch Day 2008

Mulch Day 2008


Pre Certification

Organic certification is a confirmation of the processes and practices that have been employed on our property, and the road to certification is a long term commitment to these principles.

These principles consist of three elements, which are inextricably linked in the certification process: People, Land and Product. It is the combination of the three, linking into an organic management plan, that signifies the legal bounds of the certified operation.

In Early 2008 I started devising the Organic Management Plan and started on the road to certification, which is a three year process.

Year 1 ( 2008 ) – Pre Certification – Following an initial farm inspection, there is a pre certification period of one year, in which we will be under a contract agreement to operate according to the certifying organisation standards.

Years 2 and 3 (2009-2010) – In Conversion Certification – A subsequent inspection will be arranged towards the end of our initial 12 months under pre certification to ascertain the degree to which we have met the standards requirements. Certification as ‘in-conversion’ may be achieved at this point, following a second review and the signing of a license agreement.

The ‘in-conversion’ period generally takes two years to reach full certification. During this phase, we may be able to label our produce as organic ‘in-conversion’.

Until then I will keep learning and developing the processes which seem to be a natural extension of the living farm and helthy soil / healthy plant concept.