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All the best,
Matthew and Warwick Sinclair
Tiliaris Organic Fingerlimes
Rothbury, NSW, Australia


Harvest Time

It’s almost harvest time and the trees in the paddock #1 are looking great!

Full Organic Certification

Tiliaris has been fully certified by NASAA (National Association of Sustainable Agriculture Australia) I believe this is the first, complete accreditation by an Finger Lime grower in the world. (there are other growers who are part way through or ‘in-conversion’ but I believe Tiliaris is the first. (if there is another grower who has previously been certified, please contact me directly and I will happily revoke this status…)

Finger Limes in the News 10-Apr-2010

Designers look to the future of gardening
Four Winds has a new edible citrus, the Australian finger lime…

Australian Native Finger Lime photos on Flikr
Some great photos of finger limes

Cooking down under: add an avo (with finger lime caviar)
Cooking Down Under Blog
… I did manage to grill some herby breadcrumbed chicken drumsticks and whip up a regulation guacamole spiked with finger lime caviar and a good chilli hit washed down with a Mad Fish Gold Turtle Chardonnay…